Foto Fishing in the Ternopil region

Fishing in the Ternopil region

Ternopil region is in the west of Ukraine. The Dniester River flows along its southern border, and Zbruch along the eastern border. The whole area is located on the Podolsky Upland, so the terrain here is plateau-like. And the climate in the region is heavily influenced by the Atlantic air masses, so there are abundant precipitation for this region. The highest point is 443 meters above sea level.

As for hydrography, there are rivers, reservoirs, lakes and ponds on the territory of the Ternopil region. Here flow 1401 river and a small stream. The rivers are more than 10 km long – 120, and on the Djurin River there is the largest plain waterfall.

Also in the region are available for fishing 886 ponds and 27 reservoirs, there is an outlet to the Dniester.

Main characteristics of the region

Rivers and streams in the region
Total length of rivers and streams, km
Paid ponds in the region
Reserves in the region

Map of Ternopil's'ka oblast

Fishing forecast in the Ternopil region

Do you want to know the forecast of fishing in the Ternopil region? Then click the button below! Especially for readers of the blog about fishing in Ukraine, my artificial intelligence prepared information on the activities of the 10 most popular types of Ukrainian fish. Currently, the forecast is up-to-date. Interesting? So, what are you waiting for?

Fishing forecast infografiks

Where to go to Ternopil region

The answer to this question is on the river! In the Ternopil region are very picturesque: the Dniester, Zbruh, Seret, Strypa and Goryn. In some of them, mineral water (Goryn) flows, and there are also such (Seret), on which artificial reservoirs were built. For example, Ternopil Pond is a favorite holiday destination for city dwellers, a great place for a fisherman and his family. Many rivers have waterfalls.

A separate line will be a recommendation to visit the Dniester Canyon. The largest in Europe, its length is more than 250 km. There are wonderful places for lovers of fishing of many species of fish that are not characteristic for the rest of Ukraine: trout, grayling, sterlet. But most often in the catches of fishermen there are bream, perch, roach, chub and carp.

There are no salt ponds in the region, so it is sufficient to use standard fishing lines, hooks, fishing rods and drums. Currently, local fishermen usually use fishing rods, feeders and spinnings.

Attention! Fishing in the Ternopil region is regulated by the laws and regulations of Ukraine. All fishermen should remember that in the spring, during the ban of the spawning, you can fish in the river only in the permitted places. A list of these places can be found on the website in the “REGULATIONS” section, and also check the dates indicated by me below. I must warn you about the following:

Do good …

And throw it into the water … I want to draw your attention to the fact that now the principle of “Catch – release” is very popular in Ukraine. This is promoted by the coolest sportsmen, bloggers and TV presenters. What’s the point of this? It’s very simple: fishing is a pleasure, and every participant of the process must get his portion. And the fish, including 🙂 So do not hesitate to let go of the fish.

I do not urge you to completely abandon the use of the fish that you caught. No! Fish soup and fried crucian, it’s very cool! I just encourage the fishermen to treat the fish with reverence.

And do not forget the catch quota! During the day you can get no more than 3 kg from the public pond. That’s enough!

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