Foto Fishing in the Kiev region

Fishing in the Kiev region

In the north of Ukraine is the Kiev region. Geographically, the region is divided into two parts by the Dnieper River. The left part is on the Dnieper lowland, and the right-hand side (most of it) is on the Dnieper Upland. The difference in altitude along the banks of the Dnieper is more than 100 meters. The highest point of the region is 273 meters above sea level. The countryside is dominated by a gentle landscape, and the land is permeated with many ravines. It should also be noted that most of the region is in the forest-steppe zone, only the northern part belongs to the zone of mixed forests. The climate here is temperate-continental, the winter is mild, and the summer is warm.

For free fishing in the Kiev region there are no borders (except for the exclusion zone), not only rivers are accessible to you, but also large reservoirs (there are 13 of them), the size of a small sea (Kievsky, area 922 square kilometers). And here the rivers are impressive: the Dnieper, Desna, Teterev, Uzh, Ros … For every taste – both with a powerful current, and flowing smoothly among the forests. In addition to the rivers in the Kiev region, there are almost 750 lakes, so the fishermen here feel very comfortable.

Paid fishing in the Kiev region is even more developed. More than 3100 commercial ponds offer services for every taste. There are carp, pike, sports and even trout farms, for any purse size. The region has developed infrastructure and excellent service. There are many competitions here, there are many fish-rich reservoirs, which, of course, are eagerly waiting for your hooks.

The main characteristics of the region:

Rivers in the region
Paid ponds in the region
Reserves in the region

Map of Kyivs'ka oblast

Fishing forecast in the Kiev region

Do you want to know the forecast of fishing in the Kiev region? Then click the button below! Especially for readers of the blog about fishing in Ukraine, my artificial intelligence prepared information on the activities of the 10 most popular types of Ukrainian fish. Currently, the forecast is up-to-date. Interesting? So, what are you waiting for?

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Where to go fishing in the Kiev region?

Of course, to the Dnieper or the Desna. These rivers are rich in natural beauty and opportunities for fishing. Here you will find your fish both by beginners and by professionals. Fishing on these rivers is absolutely free, you only need to follow the rules of amateur and sport fishing. Even for free fishing you can count on the lakes of the Kiev region and the Kiev reservoir. One word of Straholesye is worth … The most interesting objects of fishing are the Dnipro sector from the border with the Republic of Belarus to the upper reaches of the Kiev reservoir. There you can see another real Dnieper …

Paid fishing in the Kiev region is a mass of reservoirs for every taste. Most of them offer a high level of service. Those who are used to comfort, should be happy.

You also need to know that the Kiev region is a training ground for many Ukrainian sports anglers. Special sports training grounds consist of several reservoirs with different fish, both in size and in species composition. The most famous sports pond in the region is Kar-Tar. Here, athletes catch carp.

The most common types of fish in the region are carp, crucian carp, roach, perch, pike, bream, pike perch, chub, catfish, tench, trout …

There are no salt ponds in the region, so it is sufficient to use standard fishing lines, hooks, fishing rods and drums. Currently, local fishermen usually use fishing rods, feeders and spinnings.

Attention! Fishing in the Kiev region is regulated by the laws and regulations of Ukraine. All fishermen should remember that in the spring, during the ban of the spawning, you can fish in the river only in the permitted places. A list of these places can be found on the website in the “REGULATIONS” section, and also check the dates indicated by me below. I must warn you about the following:

Do good …

And throw it into the water … I want to draw your attention to the fact that now the principle of “Catch – release” is very popular in Ukraine. This is promoted by the coolest sportsmen, bloggers and TV presenters. What’s the point of this? It’s very simple: fishing is a pleasure, and every participant of the process must get his portion. And the fish, including 🙂 So do not hesitate to let go of the fish.

I do not urge you to completely abandon the use of the fish that you caught. No! Fish soup and fried crucian, it’s very cool! I just encourage the fishermen to treat the fish with reverence.

And do not forget the catch quota! During the day you can get no more than 3 kg from the public pond. That’s enough!

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