Foto Fishing in the Khmelnytsky region

Fishing in the Khmelnytsky region

Khmelnytsky region is mainly located on the Podolsky Upland and belongs to the west-central part of Ukraine. The relief here is mainly karst, there are caves and a ridgy surface. The highest point of the region is Mount Velikaya Bugachikha. Its height is 409 meters above sea level.

On the territory of Khmelnitsky region there are 3114 rivers and small streams with a total length of 9540 km. 120 of them have a length of more than 10 km. The main rivers are the Dniester, the Southern Bug, Goryn, Rumor and Smotrych.

There are a small number of lakes in the region, mainly in the Goryn River basin, 2,681 ponds and 52 reservoirs.

Main characteristics of the region

Rivers and streams in the region
Total length of rivers and streams, km
Paid ponds in the region
Reserves in the region

Map of Khmel'nyts'ka oblast

Fishing forecast in the Khmelnytsky region

Do you want to know the forecast of fishing in the Khmelnytsky region? Then click the button below! Especially for readers of the blog about fishing in Ukraine, my artificial intelligence prepared information on the activities of the 10 most popular types of Ukrainian fish. Currently, the forecast is up-to-date. Interesting? So, what are you waiting for?

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Where to go fishing in the Khmelnytsky region?

First of all, I recommend paying attention to the rivers. Especially if you go fishing for predatory fish. On small and medium rivers there are a lot of chub, perch and pike. On large (Dniester and Southern Bug), besides the predator, carps also fall.

In numerous ponds of the region live crucian, a domesticated form of carp and white cupid. And some owners of reservoirs do not charge for fishing, even if you plan to catch from a boat.

For sport fishing in the Khmelnytsky region there are several interesting reservoirs. For example, Lake Christosov in the Starosinavsky district. Trophy fishing for carp is available in the sports pond of CarpPraide.

There are no salt ponds in the region, so it is sufficient to use standard fishing lines, hooks, fishing rods and drums. Currently, local fishermen usually use fishing rods, feeders and spinnings.

Attention! Fishing in the Khmelnytsky region is regulated by the laws and regulations of Ukraine. All fishermen should remember that in the spring, during the ban of the spawning, you can fish in the river only in the permitted places. A list of these places can be found on the website in the “REGULATIONS” section, and also check the dates indicated by me below. I must warn you about the following:

Do good …

And throw it into the water … I want to draw your attention to the fact that now the principle of “Catch – release” is very popular in Ukraine. This is promoted by the coolest sportsmen, bloggers and TV presenters. What’s the point of this? It’s very simple: fishing is a pleasure, and every participant of the process must get his portion. And the fish, including 🙂 So do not hesitate to let go of the fish.

I do not urge you to completely abandon the use of the fish that you caught. No! Fish soup and fried crucian, it’s very cool! I just encourage the fishermen to treat the fish with reverence.

And do not forget the catch quota! During the day you can get no more than 3 kg from the public pond. That’s enough!

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